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NTN Credit Check and Application Process

NTN Docuverus System for 

Applications and Credit Checks


How Applicants Apply:

Here are the 3 options:

  1. Invite Applicants: From the dashboard, click on “Send Invite”, enter your applicant’s name and email address, and the system will invite your applicant to apply. 

 ****Co-applicants will be invited by the primary applicant, so you need only send the invitation to one applicant if more than one applicant is applying.****

2. Email your Link: You can also just direct the application to your online application link.
- BHHS Hudson River Properties:


3. If renter is in the office:  If your applicant is in the office with you or completed a paper application, you can enter applications directly.


The new application fee is $60 per applicant.