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Click any form name below to download a blank pdf copy.  *Note: these forms can only be filled out manually or using a pdf-editing software.  

NOTE: For most Union City properties, you are required to get TWO forms: 1) A Continuing Certificate of Occupancy Letter and 2) A Smoke and Co2 Detector Certification.

It is a 2-step process:  You must FIRST bring the Continuing Certificate Of Occupancy Letter application to the Building Department and pay the fee ($50).  They will process the letter and call you when the Certificate is ready for pickup, assuming there are no open permits or issues found when they process.  When you return to pick up the letter, you must bring the Smoke/Co2 Certification Application (Notarized) with you.  There is a 2nd fee for the Smoke Cert, depending on the time until closing.